As a wholesaler of sorted used clothing, we offer the most advantageous conditions of cooperation both for those who already have their own shops and for those who are just beginning their adventure with secondhand trade. Our assortment includes packages of first-grade women’s clothing. The clothes are washed and without defects, thanks to which you can add them to your offer immediately after purchase. We offer favourable prices and transparent conditions for cream clothing.


The main difference between the sorted and other items offered to secondhand shops is:

  • The quality is constant, the products are not damaged or dirty;
  • Price – in a great relation to the quality of the products, the price list is available to every customer;
  • Choice – each customer has the opportunity to choose a package for himself;
  • Awareness – we do not sell “a pig in a poke”, everyone has visibility into the prepared packages;

As an importer of secondhand clothing, we have established partnerships with reliable suppliers, with whom we are contractually bound. We focus on the highest quality and professionalism of our services – starting from the acquisition of goods to their sale. By importing goods we can offer very competitive pricing. We offer a possibility of individual pricing .The general price list is available on the price list tab. 


As a reputable importer of secondhand clothing, we strive to provide our customers with the widest possible range of products. Therefore, we also offer quality used handbags and used shoes. Thanks to our wide range of secondhand and outlet bags, the customers can expand their businesses, supplying entire families – from the youngest to the oldest. We bring the best branded clothing, which is characterized by careful workmanship in good quality and durable materials. Things that go straight from our children’s clothing wholesaler to the shops will serve you well for a long time.

In our secondhand clothes wholesale mix, customers will find clothes of all kinds and types. We divide the clothes into clear categories according to their quality and collect them in ready-made packages, which makes the selection of goods and wholesale purchase even easier. In this way, you can conveniently supplement the assortment of used women’s clothing shops and outlet shops. In this category, all online or stationary secondhand retailers will find really good quality clothing at great prices. As a direct importer we have a product that will meet your customers’ expectations. 


When importing products in bulk, we provide the top-class assortment. The reason for this is that the offered clothes are sorted and carefully selected. Cream (A-class) is the highest possible quality, including branded clothes and even clothes with labels. In this category, there are no dirty, damaged or smelly clothes. What matters is that every customer can open the package and see the goods it contains – even before buying them. We send the products via courier company, and in case of wholesale orders we arrange our own transport. However, we also provide personal collection at our warehouse.

We sell secondhand clothes of cream quality in wholesale, so we are an ideal partner for the secondhand, outlet or online shops owners. Thanks to the possibility of shipping, we supply customers from all over Poland with the best possible goods. Clothes from this category often do not differ from new things that can be found in shops. What is more, they are products of well-known and popular brands. Second hand clothes should no longer be associated with passing, uninteresting goods. Thanks to our offer, customers buy good quality clothes in great condition and at attractive prices. In our wholesaler you can see with your own eyes that cream packages are secondhand clothes, presenting only the highest quality.