Wholesale used and new clothing from England, sorted clothing
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Second hand clothes


Importer of used clothing from England
As a wholesaler of English used sorted clothing, we offer the most favorable terms of cooperation for both those who already have their stores and those who are just starting their second-hand adventure. In our assortment, you will find more than forty assortments of cream used clothing, among which there are women’s, men’s and children’s clothes and fashionable accessories. We offer favorable prices and transparent terms of cooperation.

Cream clothes
Many people wonder what quality of clothes we can offer at wholesale sales of imported products. Due to the fact, that the clothes offered by us are sorted, we offer an excellent class of goods. Cream (A-class) is the highest possible quality, among which there are branded clothes and even clothes with tags. In this category you will not find dirty clothes, damaged or with a specific smell. What is important, every customer can open the bag and view the product available in it – before buying it. It’s a fair solution that customers value us for. We send goods via a courier company, and in the case of wholesale orders, we organize our own transport. Everyone can, however, come to our warehouse and buy and pick up the products.

Sorted clothing vs. unsorted
The main difference between the sort and other products offered for second-hand stores is:
Quality – in this matter is constant, the products are not damaged or dirty;
Price – in a great relation to the quality of products, the price list is available to every customer;
Choice – each customer has the option to choose individual categories;
Awareness – we do not sell “a pig in the poke”, everyone has access to the prepared parcels;

As an importer of second-hand clothes from England, we have partnered with reliable suppliers with whom we have an appropriate contract. We focus on the highest quality and professionalism of the services we provide – from acquiring goods to selling them.

When importing goods from England, we can offer very competitive prices. There is a possibility of individual valuation, and the general price list is available below, detailing the category and weight of the bags.

Familiarize yourself with the prices of our second-hand clothes – (download the price list in the PDF format )


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Children’s fashion
Among the clothes we offer, there are interesting models for children. The offer includes a children’s year-round or seasonal MIX, sacks with jackets, sweatshirts or shirts, parcels with trousers, and even special packaging with different costumes for children (fancy dress), ideal for a costume party or school theater.

Adult’s fashion
In this category, all internet or stationary second-handers will find really good quality clothes at sensational prices. As a direct importer we have collections of various clothes, starting from seasonal or all-season women and men, through packages with larger sizes, beautiful dresses and tunics, packaging with sweaters and shirts, sports clothing, leggings, jeans, to packages with synthetic fur, ski suits, bathing suits or even work clothing.

The assortment does not lack fashionable accessories, such as scarves, hats, gloves, bags, and even jewelry or toys. We provide accessories for both children and adults. The offer also includes jewelry used on the scale, which can be obtained at sensational prices. The assortment includes various types of bracelets, earrings, watches, pendants as well as chains and beads. Jewelry by weight is a very attractive commodity, which is ideally suited as a variety of outlet or clothing store.