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Premium brands


Hurtownia odzieży markowej

Wiltex s.c. having exclusive agreements with the largest online eCommerce platforms in the world and directly with the producers is able to offer products of well-known and reputable brands at the lowest possible prices. The premium brand products in our offer are primarily: premium clothing, premium lingerie, premium jewelry, watches, glasses, footwear, bags and household.

The products come from both the ends of the series and from current collections. As a direct importer of branded clothing, we are able to deliver products along with a packing list and photos. It is also possible to choose both models and brands. The goods are packed on pallets with the specification: number of pieces, weight, date of loading. Available quality categories:

A-category – product from previous collections, a possible selection of brands and models, the average price is 15% RRP (recommended retail price);
originally packed, completely without defects;
available detailed offer in excel format with photos;

B-category – customer returns from the current season (14 days);
the product may have minimal, reversible traces of use (dirt) or small defects of the manufacturer (pulled thread);

C-category – customer returns from the current season (30 days);
the product may have significant traces of use or visible defects (no button, broken zipper);

D-category – customer returns from the current season (30-days);
the product has visible defects (mechanical damage);


Wholesale clothing current collections

Wholesaler of branded clothing Wiltex s.c. enables selection of individual brands and specific models as well as sizes. In category A, a detailed packing list with product photos and sizes is available. The offer also includes clothing from consumer returns. This stock of branded clothing is available at the headquarters of our company. The pallets contain new clothes with tags, among which, depending on the category, there are also micro defects (e.g. delicate dirt from the powder) or slight traces of use. However, the product is originally packed, and the models come from current collections.

Clothing in category B is also sold for single packages.

Brand footwear wholesale


Wholesaler of branded footwear Wiltex s.c. enables selection of individual brands and specific models as well as sizes. In category A a detailed list of packages is available. Brand footwear that you find in this category is sold in the original packaging, thanks to which it retains its aesthetic and natural shape after delivery to the customer. This product fits perfectly in online and stationary store sales. Footwear in lower categories, i.e. in category B or C, originating from consumer returns is sold in original or substitute boxes or in plastic bags.

C-shoes unpacked shoes are also sold for packages.

Premium bags

Wholesaler of branded handbags Wiltex s.c. has in its offer bags in both A-category and premium bags from customer returns in B, C and D class. In category A, the company provides a detailed list of packages. All bags that the customer chooses from the list are originally packed, filled, wrapped with foam sponge styrofoam handles. This ensures the highest quality of the product from the beginning of the order to the delivery to the customer. In the lower categories, the bags can have minimal defects, which does not exclude them from the group of very valuable and original products.

Bags in categories B and C are also sold for packages.

Premium accessories wholesale

The premium accessories item consists mainly of: wallets, belts, tights, socks, hats, scarves. Premium accessories come from customer returns, therefore the models are from completely current collections. The pallets contain new accessories with tags, among which, depending on the category, there are minimal signs of use or defects. However, the product is originally packed. An additional option in the accessories position are palettes with watches, glasses and premium jewelry.

Accessories in categories B and C are also sold for packages.

Household, home

Household, so-called home, is divided into positions: Home-Textile (a soft farm, i.e. towels, blankets, rugs, bathrobes, bedding, quilts, etc.) and Home-Hardware (cabinets, dishes, plates, cutlery, etc.). The Home product is available in two quality categories B and C. Each carton on the pallet has a specified number of pieces and a group (Textile or Hardware). The product is available only on whole pallets.

You can also buy Home packages in the A-class with specification.

Marki premium hurt

The products we provide are first of all a premium class, among which you can find branded products and well-known brands. By delivering such goods to your store, in addition to such amazing prices, you are guaranteed to increase profits and the popularity of your point of sale. Luxury brands will always be in fashion, and the possibility of purchasing premium brands by the customer makes the customer more likely to visit such a second-hand or outlet. Offering footwear, handbags, accessories and clothing from well-known brands to customers in your stationary store, you will fully satisfy your customer and make it come back to you soon – for new goods.

We invite everyone interested in direct contact with representatives of our company. For wholesale customers, we have prepared a product portfolio describing all products in our offer, i.e. clothing, footwear, bags, accessories and household (home). The sale takes place only on whole pallets. In order to receive a portfolio, please contact us by e-mail.

*This product is subject to restrictions and regulations. In order to check the possibility of purchasing a product, please send an e-mail with company’s details and a description of the business or contact us by phone.