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Premium brands


A mix of premium clothing
The package includes premium brand clothing that is difficult to find in retail. Each palette has a precisely defined number of pieces and weight. The offer of premium brands is divided into two categories:

B category:

  • 90% new product in the first grade
  • returns from customers who returned goods within 14 days
  • in 10% micro defekt (powder dust)
  • everything is originally packed and each product has a tag
  • latest models, 3 months

C category:

  • 40-50% new product in the second grade
  • returns from customers who returned goods within 30 days
  • 50% of clothing may have slight signs of use (even when the clothing is with a label)
  • everything is originally packed
  • models not older than 6 months

Our warehouse offers premium brand clothing for sale. The assortment comes from one of the world’s most known sales platforms. It’s the perfect solution for people who are looking for clothes in mix outlet packages. The pallets contain new clothes with tags, among which, depending on the category, there are also micro defects (eg delicate dirt from the powder) or slight traces of use. However, the product is originally packed, and the models are not older than 3 or 6 months.

The clothes are all a premium class, among which you can find popular brands. By delivering such goods to your store, in addition to such excellent prices, you are guaranteed to increase profits and popularity of your point of sale. Luxury brands will always be in fashion, and the possibility of purchasing premium brands by several dozen euros makes the customer more willing to visit such a second hand or outlet.

Fruitful cooperation with Wiltex
We are sure that by working with us you will succeed on the market. Offering customers in their stationary store accessories and clothing from well-known brands, you will fully satisfy the customer and make it quickly come back to you – for a new product. We encourage you to cooperate, which will be fruitful for years. We invite everyone interested in direct contact with representatives of our company.

This product is subject to restrictions and regulations. In order to check the possibility of purchasing a product, please send an e-mail with company’s details and a description of the business or contact us by phone.