Wiltex s.c., having signed exclusive agreements with the largest eCommerce Internet platforms in the world and directly with manufacturers, is able to offer products of well-known and reputable brands at the lowest possible prices. The products of premium brands that we offer are mainly: premium clothing, premium underwear, premium jewellery, watches, glasses, shoes, bags and household.

The products come both from the outlet and from current collections. As a direct importer of branded clothing we are able to deliver the products together with a packing list and photos. It is also possible to choose both models and brands. The goods are packed on pallets together with specifications: number of pieces, weight, date of loading. Available quality categories:

A-category – products from previous collections, a possible selection of brands and models, the average price is 15% RRP (recommended retail price);
 originally packed, completely without defects;
 available detailed offer in excel format with photos;

B-category – customer returns from the current season (14 days);
 the product may have minimal, reversible traces of use (dirt) or small defects of the manufacturer (pulled thread);

C-category – returns of customers from the latest collection (30 days);
– the product may have significant traces of use or visible defects (no button, broken zip, etc.);

D-category – customer returns from the latest collection (30-days);
 the product has visible defects (mechanical damage); 


Wiltex s.c. branded clothing wholesaler enables the selection of individual brands and specific models and sizes. In category A there is a detailed packing list with pictures of products and sizes. The offer also includes clothing from consumer returns. This stock of branded clothing is available at our headquarters. The palettes contain new clothes with labels, among which, depending on the category, there are also micro flaws (e.g. delicate powder soils) or light traces of use. However, the goods are originally packaged and the models come from current collections.


Wiltex s.c. branded footwear wholesaler enables the selection of individual brands and specific models and sizes. In category A there is a detailed packing list with pictures of products and sizes. The branded shoes you will find in this category are sold in their original packaging, thanks to which they retain their aesthetic and natural shape after being delivered to the customer. This product is ideal for sale in both online and stationary shops. Footwear in categories B or C from consumer returns is sold in original or replacement boxes. We also offer shoes without boxes in categories B and C (called “unpacked”), which are packed in plastic bags. C-shoes unpacked are also sold in bundles.


The Wiltex s.c. branded wholesale of handbags offers both category A handbags and premium handbags from consumer returns in B, C and D class. In category A there is a detailed packing list with pictures of products. All bags that the customer chooses from the list are originally packed, filled, with polystyrene sponge wrapped handles. This ensures the highest quality of the product from the beginning of the order to the very delivery to the customer. In lower categories, bags may have minimal defects, which does not exclude them from the group of very valuable and original products.

Bags in cat. B and C are also sold in bundles. 


Premium accessories include mainly: wallets, belts, tights, socks, caps, scarves, scarves. Premium accessories come from consumer returns, so the models are from completely current collections. The palettes contain new accessories with labels, among which, depending on the category, there are minimal traces of use or defects. However, the goods are originally packaged. An additional option in the accessories item are packages with watches, glasses and premium jewellery.

Accessories in category B and C are also sold in bundles. 


The household, the so-called home, is divided into two positions:

Home-Textile (soft household, i.e. towels, blankets, carpets, bathrobes, bedding, duvets, pillows, etc.).
Home-Hardware (cabinets, dishes, plates, cutlery, pots, paintings, etc.).
Home product comes in two quality categories B and C. Each carton on the pallet has a specific number of pieces and group (Textile or Hardware). The product is available only for whole pallets. It is also possible to buy Home packages in A-class with specifications. 


The products we provide are mainly of premium class, among which you can find branded products and well-known brands. Delivering such goods to your shop, additionally at such excellent prices, you are guaranteed to increase profits and popularity of your point of sale. Luxury brands will always be fashionable, and the possibility of buying premium brands for little money makes the customer more willing to visit such secondhand or outlet. By offering customers in your stationary store shoes, handbags, accessories and clothing from well-known brands, you will fully satisfy the customer and make them come back to you quickly. 


We invite everyone interested in direct contact with representatives of our company. For wholesale customers, we have prepared a product portfolio describing all products in our offer, i.e. clothing, footwear, bags, accessories and household (home). The sale takes place only on whole pallets. In order to receive a portfolio, please contact us by e-mail.

*This product is subject to restrictions and regulations. In order to check the possibility of purchasing a product, please send an e-mail with company’s details and a description of the business or contact us by phone.


The branded clothing and footwear distributed by Wiltex come exclusively from authentic collections, which guarantees 100% product quality. Our wholesale store is a place where you can buy a variety of products from the most recognized luxury brands, enriching the assortment of your shop. Order models from different categories, choosing from the tips of past collections. Our brand clothing stock is the best source of varied equipment for secondhand clothing stores and outlet stores. The supply in our warehouse is an opportunity to diversify the shop’s offer with high-end products, almost indistinguishable from those found in shops. Some of them have micro defects that do not affect the quality of clothing. This translates into a lower price, which makes them a popular choice for customers. Wholesale is a way to supplement the assortment shortages for an exceptionally attractive amount. Order the first delivery to see if, thanks to branded clothing and footwear, your shop’s popularity will increase.