Wiltex’s offer is divided into three categories: premium branded clothing (consumer returns), new clothing (outlet clothing) and sorted used clothing. In each category our company provides the lowest possible wholesale prices of clothing. The offer includes: women’s, men’s, children’s, shoes, handbags, accessories, watches, glasses, jewellery and household clothing. Get acquainted with the prices of our products – (download price list in pdf)
Fruitful cooperation with Wiltex s.c.: a guarantee of the highest quality in relation to the price perfectly matched packages large variety of products (also for small orders) competent and strategic advice attractive discounts for wholesale customers the ability to view the contents of the package guarantee of continuity of deliveries internal logistics center for fast shipping 24 hours of shipment by courier service


The premium brand category includes products from previous collections and possible consumer returns. The offer contains quality categories A, B, C and D, both clothing and other assortments. Handbags or other accessories and accessories for everyday styling are also very popular on the market. Branded accessories, even more so at such an attractive price, will always enjoy interest on the market. Wholesale prices of premium clothing are available on the premium tab.


The new clothing category includes: outlet clothing, after-sale clothing, collection tips, surplus production, clothing with labels, clothing with defects and shoes. This category provides products of good quality and at affordable prices. The price of outlet clothing always reflects the high quality. It is a great solution for anyone who thinks of a lower wholesale price in addition to more clothes. Wholesale prices of new clothes are available on the outlet tab.

2-nd hand clothing

The category of sorted used clothing includes: women’s clothing, shoes of all kinds and accessories such as bags. Currently, shops with secondhand goods no longer look like they used to – now entering the second hand, we feel like in a boutique, where most of the clothes are branded, has labels, and the whole shop is neat and tidy. Wiltex s.c. provides wholesale prices of secondhand clothing for the highest quality products. The price list of used clothes is published on the used clothes tab.


Looking for a way to enrich your outlet? Start cooperation with a wholesaler, which is extremely popular among the owners of shops with collection endings. Thanks to it, you can diversify your assortment at a low cost, being sure that the offered clothes will meet the customers’ requirements not only in terms of aesthetics, but also the quality. The endings of the branded clothing collection, available in our offer, are carefully selected and marked. The packages in which the clothing sets are included are accompanied by appropriate specifications, so you can make sure that your goods are delivered as ordered. Our clothing wholesaler makes every effort to ensure that the consumer returns and endings of the collection, ordered through it, are attractive to potential customers.


The consumer returns available in our range cover three categories: B, C and D. They define the degree of possible defects and traces of use. Many of them have no defects, which combined with the low price makes them extremely attractive from a customer’s perspective. Consumer returns, marked with minor defects, are popular in outlet stores due to their branded origin. Just like an outlet, it is a perfect way to introduce the best brands to your shop, which will undoubtedly enjoy popularity among customers. Purchase through wholesale is an excellent way to quickly expand your shop’s offer with products, increasing its competitiveness.