FAQ | Wiltex - Odzież nowa i używana, Skórzewo, Poznań
Wiltex - Odzież nowa i używana, Skórzewo, Poznań


Who is Wiltex?
Wiltex is a company located in Skórzewo near Poznań. As a wholesaler, we import clothes, shoes and accessories from all over Europe and export to Eastern European countries.

What do we specialize in?
We specialize in the trade in used and sorted clothing coming from England and all kinds of new clothing slopes. We currently cooperate with many companies with whom we have concluded contracts. They are our loyal partners and reliable sources of high quality branded articles.

Why is it worth buying from us?
We are not brokers, instead all offered goods are available in our warehouse and are our property. We offer good quality and a wide range of products. Due to our large storage capacity, we always have enough items. We invite all our customers to view products and assortments in our warehouse.

How much do our items cost?
Prices are available only on request during a personal conversation.

Is it possible to see the goods before buying?
The customer can open each bag and see its contents. Each clothing package can be viewed to have a full picture of what you intend to buy.

Do we ship the goods?
We organize our own transport.